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Burmese Classical Music

The late U Ba Than

Basic Pieces for Saung (harp) and Pattala (xylophone)

Original cassette cover The late U Ba Than was one of the greatest musicians of Burma (now Myanmar) of the last 50 years. His playing has influenced most musicians since. He is now best known for his efforts at documenting the canon of traditional music and establishing ways to pass this music on. Recordings he made in the 1960s and 1970s are being re-released in Burma today, of which this is one example.

A large collection of recordings of U Ba Than is in the Ethnomusicology Archives at the University of Washington. More information on Burmese music and its cultural context can be found in the Burmese Music web pages of Robert Garfias, who made those recordings of U Ba Than.

The titles in Burmese are available in a Word document set in the Suu Kyi font.

  1. Sein Che Yaung (Diamond of Radiant Color)
  2. Tei Tat
  3. Swe Phitsong (Golden Phitsong)
  4. Nyein Chan Boan Le (Surrounded By Peace)
  5. Nan Gyar Nyo Kyaw (Resident of the Palace)
  6. Pattala solo
  7. Daw Hnin Taung Sweh Myain He Ma (Beauty of Forest and Mountain)
  8. Ta Wadeng Ta (Heaven)
  9. Hlyat Pan Khway Nwe (Twisting Lightning Flower)
  10. Daw Myain Sun Hnin Nyin Le Pye

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