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Gamelan in the Yogyakarta style

Nyi Tjondrolukito

Gamelan under the direction of PLT Bagong Kussudiardjo

This cassette was produced in the mid-1980s by the Fajar Company. It features one of the more well-known pesindhen, the late Nyi Tjondrolukito. Unusual among classical vocalists, she came from very humble origins rather than the palace, and succeeded largely due to her knowledge and skill as a musician. She passed away in November 1997, and several obituaries praising her contribution to music were published in Indonesian. One of those was written by her collaborator on this recording and director of an important cultural center in Yogyakarta, Bagong Kussudiardjo.

The compositions are actually suites of songs (palaran) performed in the Yogyakarta style. They are approximately 28 minutes long.

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