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Hindustani Classical Music from North India

Pandit Jasraj

The late Pandit Jasraj was one of the most well-known classical vocalists of north India. He was born in 1930, and achieved renown at an early age. He toured in early 2000 with a large entourage performing light devotional music. Panditji has a large and devoted following throughout the world. His web site, a gift from his disciples, features testimonies, photos and a biography.

This cassette was recorded in 1980 and features performances more typical of his earlier classical period. All of the songs are in variations of the raga Todi. The label, Swarashree, was an ambitious project of the artist Prabha Atre. These performances are now out of print.

Accompanying Pandit Jasraj are Appa Jalgaonkar on harmonium and Nizamuddin Khan on tablas. Complete song details are available in a text file.

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