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Central Thai Classical Suites

Silapin Khawngthongkham

featuring vocalist Nai Sombat Sangviengthong

This cassette features the award-winning singer Sombat Sangviengthong with the ensemble Khawngthongkham. The recording was produced by musicologist Thanomsri Sengthong in Nonthaburi. It is still available, as is a video of a live performance, from Ms. Thanomsri's company in Nonthaburi, Srisombun Khosana Ltd. The music appears here by her most gracious permission.

The instrumentation here is known as piphat mai nuam, or soft-mallet royal ensemble. The song form is known as Thao, a suite-form in which a given melody is performed in an intricate theme-and-variation form. It begins with an extremely slow rhythm (sam chan), doubles that rhythm with a basic melodic statement (song chan), then ends with a variant melody at a very fast tempo (chan dio).

The titles in Thai are in a Word document set in the Angsana font.

  1. Khaek Mon Thao 31:33, a Thai classical suite
  2. Nok Khamin 10:54
  3. Pra Achit Ching Duang 16:00

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